A Million Little Things

From the bestselling author of The Girls of Mischief Bay and The Friends We Keep comes a twisty tale of family dynamics that explores what can go terribly, hysterically wrong when the line between friendship and family blurs

Zoe Saldivar is more than just single-she's ALONE. She recently broke up with her longtime boyfriend, she works from home and her best friend Jen is so obsessed with her baby that she has practically abandoned their friendship. The day Zoe accidentally traps herself in her attic with her hungry-looking cat, she realizes that it's up to her to stop living in isolation.

Her seemingly empty life takes a sudden turn for the complicated-her first new friend is Jen's widowed mom, Pam. The only guy to give her butterflies in a very long time is Jen's brother. And meanwhile, Pam is being very deliberately seduced by Zoe's own smooth-as-tequila father. Pam's flustered, Jen's annoyed and Zoe is beginning to think "alone" doesn't sound so bad, after all.

My Review

I have not read the first two books in this series but luckily this book can be read as a stand alone novel. Although, if you want to know more about Pam and her story, you can read it in The Girls of Mischief Bay. Speaking of Pam; her and Miguel's relationship was filled with fun. They actually stole some of the spotlight away from Zoe and her story. That is ok as I loved every moment of Pam and Miguel.

Yet, I enjoyed Zoe making the most of her new beginning. She could have just stayed as a homebody but than she would never have met Steven. So glad that everything was not just roses and kisses for them. It felt more real this way with a little drama in the mix. Finally, there is Jen. I could not fault her for treating her son, Jack like a fragile doll. He was her first. There is a reader discussion question regarding if me the reader applauds Jen for trying to find help for her son. I am glad that Jen did try to seek help. As the story progressed I warmed up to her a lot and felt she grew the most in this story. That last moment between her and Jack left my heart filled with joy. A Million Little Things is a wonderful read.


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