The Lucky Santangelo Cookbook

What a fun cookbook. Not just for all the yummy recipes and I mean there are a lot of recipes. More than some cookbooks that I have seen. This is a really great thing as you want to be able to find things to try and not just a few. However why I say this book is fun is because of all of the quotes and passages from the characters in the series.

I found some interesting recipes that I don't remember seeing in other cookbooks that I will have to try. Ones like Chorizo-Chocolate Tapas that features chorizo sausage, baguette bread, and chocolate. This is a Spain inspired dish and Danny's dish. Then there is the Lemon Linguine, Creamed Fresh Corn-Stuffed Red Bell Peppers, Butterscotch Pie, Buttermilk Panna Cotta with Strawberries, and to down all this food with drinks like... Lucky's Killer Margaritas, Bobby and Denver's White Win Sangria, the Venus Bellini, and the Jackie Collins by Wolfgang Puck.

On the other hand, this book is not an everyday type of cookbook. It is not like everyone has stocked in their homes foods like Smoked Duck for the Smoked Duck Pizza with Hoisin Sauce. How about lobster, clams, prosciutto, and fotina cheese to name a few others. Plus, not everyone may like the taste of some of these foods. So I would say this cookbook is more of a fun collector's item.


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