The Last Girl

Philip Kennford is an attorney so you can imagine that he has made some enemies over the years. Nonetheless when his wife and one daughter is found murdered in the home is it one of Philip’s enemies or does he have a motive for getting his wife out of the way. Or is his other daughter have a jealous streak? All the clues point to an inside job…no forced entry and both Philip and his other daughter home but no one hears anything.

The Last Girl is my first time reading what author, Jane Casey has to offer. I have to say that she does offer some good things. While I was not over the moon with this book, I still found it an enjoyable read.

It is because I was not that excited about the characters. So I did not really care who the murder was and what their motive was for committing the crimes. Also, the pace of the story was steady which did translate to a little slow at times. I like Maeve. She can hold her own with the guys and she is smart. The way she investigates a case is good. I feel that she can get the job done and do a good through job of solving it. I will go back and check out this author’s other prior novels.

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