Life with a Superhero

I am so glad that Kathryn opened her doors and shared her family with readers. I enjoyed getting to know the Huling family, not just Michael. Everyone of them was special in their own way. They let Michael into their home and hearts. I know Michael got a place in my heart as well. The Huling family and Michael show that people with Down Syndrome have feelings too. They just want to be normal like everyone else. I could understand Michael not liking people staring at him. I know I don't like it either. So I can not imagine what people like Michael go through. I retract my comment, I do now have a good idea of what Michael goes through after reading this book.

The family photos were fun. I noticed that Michael had a great smile in the pictures. The rest of the family looked happy as well. I have to say that this is the type of book I want to read when I think of memoirs/nonfiction stories about real people. Because I felt like the book was not over edited, I really got to know everyone and this helped me to really enjoy this book. Also, I have to agree with another reader's comment that this book gives a good insight into someone living with this condition from birth to adulthood. Life with a Superhero is a super, good read.

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