I Don't Want to be an Orange Anymore!

Willie is a teacher. However when he was growing up he was a dweeb. The school bully would pick on him. As if it was bad enough, Willie had to be an "orange" in the school play. Being a dweeb orange is not cool. Throughout the years Willie still had problems but in different ways.

I can understand where Willie was coming from not wanting to be an orange but I have to say out of all the choices from a carrot, squash, broccoli, sweet potatoes, and string beans I would rather be an orange or maybe the carrot. I thought this book was a fun one. I like that the author did short stories of Willie's life growing up and the mischief that he found himself in. I say found himself in as the trouble was not always started by him but by his sister. She was a devious one. I know my sister and I could be mean to each other but not to the point that I would purposely burn someone's coat and blame it on my sister. The author writes all of the stories so realistically that anyone with a sibling could relate. Willie was so endearing. I kind of felt sorry for him. Some of the trouble he did bring on himself. The ending was a really good one. It is ok to be a dweeb and the orange in the school play as there are a lot worst things you could be. Pick up a copy of this book for a fun time.

Check out the author here
Also check out the author's other book, Terror at Mirror Lake


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