Julia has a boyfriend. His name is Ben. He is a professor. Julia and Ben have been together for a while. However, a chance meeting in the city brings old feelings to the surface when Julia meets Michael. Michael had and still does have an attraction to Julia. Julia trying to branch out on her own some, rents an apartment in the city. She starts up a relationship with Michael. However Julia moves slowly as she still craves the stability that Ben gives her.

I was not feeling any attraction for either of the guys. One because Julia was already falling out of love with Ben and with Michael, it seemed clinical in the way that the sex and their feelings were described. So I was not experiencing any passion. Well not as much as I was hoping for between Julia and Michael. Although, I did think that they were better matched then Julia and Ben. Ben did not let Julia grow but when she was with Michael, she was able to grow and get her wings like a bird who was ready to fly. The author does do a good job of writing about the emotions that Julia experienced from fear, love, growth, and what true happiness is.


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