Book Summary
Kara Isabella is smart, beautiful and rich. Her family connections made landing a job at the Spanish Embassy at the United Nations as easy as a well-placed phone call. When she crosses paths with presidential hopeful, Senator Mark Langford, he is immediately captivated, particularly by her family’s wealth and power. With high hopes, Langford pursues the lovely Spaniard. But his appetite for beautiful women becomes a snare when one lover meets a gruesome death and Kara learns of his deceit. Just when he thinks he has landed a trophy wife and a certain path to the White House, his plan and his life unravels. As he struggles to escape potential scandal, a blackmailer haunts him from the shadows. Will he be able to hold onto his bid for the White House?
Follow the twists and turns in this tale of intrigue, treachery and death. Just when you think you have it figured out the shocking ending will leave you breathless.

My Review
This is the author's second book. Her first was Double Jeopardy. The author's knowledge of the criminal justice system does give her a good advantage in her books. I could tell instantly that this book was way better and that the author was starting to really find her stride. I connected with the characters on a better level and thus was intrigued in their story.

Wow, I would not want to mess with Kara. She is one determined and conniving woman. Of course though Mark deserved everything that he had coming to him. He was slimy and not a very good "player of women" in my opinion.  While the story was predictable, it was still good. My only other complaint would be the new love interest for Kara. I did not really feel like Kara needed to have the love interest for the last half of the story or for it to end on a good ending. I do look forward to what this author has to bring with her next book.

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