The Girl in the Road

When I saw this book, the premise got my attention. I had not read anything like this. Plus, it was something out of the normal for me. When I read the word "futuristic" I though this book would be kind of sci-fi mixed with fantasy. It was more then this. Monica intertwines both Menna and Mariama's stories very well. However I have to admit that while I really enjoyed this book, I can not quite describe to you what all really took place in this book. The story of Menna and Mariama is more like a spiritual fantasy journey where I was kind of an observer, even when I would go back and re-read a section. I loved the world that the author built for this story. I did feel like I was in the future. Both Menna and Mariama were intriguing women but I tended to lean more towards Menna. Overall, a cool read.


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