A Single Breath is a heart-felt, must read!

I enjoyed this author's first book, Swimming at Night. So of course, I had to check out Mrs. Clarke's next book. She does not disappoint with her latest book. Instantly, I fell for Eva, Jackson, and Saul. Yes, even Jackson. HIs and Eva's story as they intermingled into one another was memorizing. I really loved how the author lended Jackson's voice by him narratoring his story and explaining why he lied like he did. While I saw the ending coming, I was happy with it. It ended on as strong a note as this story started.

Eva stayed strong throughout the whole story. Well most of the time but even when she broke down, it was because she was human and had a good reason. Saul could have been so mean towards Eva but he was a sweetheart. The chemistry they shared was a forever one. I pretty much read this book in two days. Now I am sorry that I have to wait to read the next book by Mrs. Clarke. A Single Breath is a heart-felt, must read!


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