Confabulist is a magical, entertaining, illusion of a read!

Confabulist is a magical, entertaining, illusion of a read! I dove right into this book. Right away I was memorized by Houdini. In this book I got to become more familiar with the man behind the illuisionist. I don't say magician as Jean-Eugene Robert-Houdin said it best when he quoted these words "A magician is an actor playing the role of a magician." I have never really spend much time on the thought of magicians only that I do find them fascinating. However if you think about this quote and what you love the most about this profession and some of the people in it like Houdini, Copperfield, Blaine, Angel, etc. then you will realize that they are all just men who know how to put on a really good show all thanks to the act of illusion. Not that I am bashing any of these guys as if it were not for people like this then I would not have anything to believe in regarding "magic".

Mr. Galloway intermingled Houdini and Strauss's lives perfectly. In fact, I was convinced for a long time that the author had done a "trick" of his own involving the two men. So when the true story was revealed in the end, I was a little surprised. Not all the way surprised because I did figure it out at teh same time that the reveal was happening. The story was good. Also, I liked the secrets that Houdini gave away with his acts. It was like getting an exclusive with Houdini himself if he was still alive into some of his acts. Even knowing how he did it was still impressive. I will be keeping my eye on Mr. Galloway and what he has up his sleeve next.


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