Silver People: Voices from the Panama Canal

This is another book that I picked up for my nephews as I thought it would be a good one that would help them get familiar with the Panama Canal.

I have never read any book by this author before, so I don't know if all of her books are written this way but I really had a pleasurable time reading this one. The book was not just spilt in long chapters but into sections. There were the voices of the people building the canal and then there were the voices from the forest. The animals who's home was being destroyed. I loved them all. Although reading the voices of the animals was fun and entertaining. Each pages was a quick snippet of a voice. It kind of like poetry. Also, there were no extremely big words that my nephews would not be able to pronounce and therefore, they would be able to read this book on their own. This book is a creative way to teach children about the Panama Canal. I will check out more books by this author.


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