8 Weeks to SEALFit

What is SEALFIT?
SEALFIT was developed by former Navy SEAL Commander Mark Divine for the unique and specialized needs of SEAL trainees to develop mental toughness – but is effective for any professional serious about their fitness and performance, as well as all “industrial athletes” who must rely on their bodies and minds to be at their peak for their daily jobs.

Whether your personal battles incorporate the predominantly physical domains of military operators, first responders or endurance athletes, or the less physically intense yet equally challenging environments of the private sector — SEALFIT is structured to develop a warrior mind and body that incorporates the whole person. SEALFIT trains the body, mind and spirit to operate at an elite level alone and with a Team.

My Review

I have been working out for about 3 years in a row. This is the longest time that I have gone in one period. I would not say that I am a fitness nut but I do and have seen the benefits of my workouts. I work out hard 5 days a week. I do a mixture of weights and cardio. Recently, I have been checking out the web and books for new ideas to spice up my workouts. No so much of a machine and run on the treadmill type of gal. Not to say that there is anything wrong with running on the treadmill as I have done it many times when I was working out on my own. However it gets real old quick. Plus I find that if I am in a class that I push myself harder and I am competitive. So this factor motivates me a lot.

So back to the book. I was curious to see what type of workout the SEALs do to keep in shape. I know they were really hard both physically and mentally. I was actually surprised to see how many of the featured exercises in ths book, I was familiar with and am currently already performing in my workout classes. I agree with everything that Mr. Divine said about the mental aspect. It is not just purely about the physical but mental as well. I know there are times when I want to just give up but then the teacher is asking if I got a little more and knowing I am almost to the end gives me that little extra strength to continue and show myself that I could do it. Mr. Divine writes this book in a very easy and understandable way. The way that the 8 weeks are broken out by daily quads or WOD (Workout of the Day) is excellent. I do this when I take my Crossfit class. Plus, it is easy to follow if you are on your own. This is a good book to give a fitness person that wants a challenge.

A good exercise. Good for the legs and core.

If just starting and you have not done this one before, I would start on your knees. It is important to keep your hips aligned and not to let them tilt back and forth when you are in the push up position.

A hard movement to do. I am still mastering and can only do a few at a time. Of course I don't use a sand bag but do use a hand weight of about 10 to 12 pounds,

I can rightfully say that while I will never love burpees I don't mind don't them. Anyone who has done burpees will agree. The only version of this exercise I was not familiar with is the burpee with the wide jump. The burpee itself is a hard movement but the burpee with the pull up is a really hard one. Still trying to master this one. A excellent exercise for the whole body.


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