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Today I'm happy to be featuring Ignite's April 14th Releases!!

Her Desert Treasure by Larie Brannick

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Inheriting her grandfather’s ranch is the perfect opportunity for Meg Reynolds to begin again. The land is her only chance to hold onto the last bit of family she had. But Jake Matthews has other plans. He says her grandfather wanted a horse refuge on the land, and despite the heat blazing between them, Jake will do whatever it takes to get what he wants. What Jake realizes he wants is Meg, but someone’s threatening her and seems willing to kill her for her land. Meg doesn’t know who she can trust. When she’s kidnapped, it’s up to Jake to help rescue her before he loses the chance to tell her that he cares more for her than the land that stands between them…

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My Review

Meg Reynolds hears the reading of her grandparents will. They left her a lot of money and the ranch she grew up on in Big Rock, Colorado, near Gunnison, Colorado. There is just one problem…someone is contesting the will. The only name listed is a company named Goldstone Holdings in Denver, Colorado. Jake Matthews is a veterinarian. His first chance meeting with Meg has her falling into his arms in tears. Things can only get better from here hopefully.

I had to check this book out for 2 reasons. The first as this book is Western and I have a fondness for cowboys. The second reason is that the author, Larie Brannick is a Colorado author. I live in Colorado and about 2 ½ hours away from Gunnison, Colorado, so I excited to read this book. I love to support Colorado authors.

Meg and Jake were good together. I would classify their relationship as sweet, even though they did generate some heat in between the sheets. I loved the location back drop of the ranch and wild horses. I could picture spending time on this ranch. I agree with the other readers that the mystery aspect in this book was lacking. It was like the author was trying to turn this book into a Western, romance, with mystery. Overall, this book was a sweet read.

Risk of a Lifetime by Claudia Shelton

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Three years ago, Marcy Bradley let the man she loved go so he could follow his career dream of being an FBI agent. She sent divorce papers. He signed. She never filed them. When a disgruntled client threatens her life, her ex, JB, is all that stands between her and an early grave.

With a killer after them, Marcy and JB run for their lives, escaping to a lakeside cabin. Their love is rekindled, and JB realizes they’re still married, but will there be time for their passion amidst the explosions and gunshots?

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