When Love Calls

Hannah Gregory is worried about what she is going to do after the death of her parents. It is up to her to care for her younger sisters. Hannah just may have found the answer to her prayers when she spots an advertisement in the grocery store. The ad is for a switchboard operator.

Lincoln Cole works for the bank. He pays a visit to the Gregory homestead. It seems that Hannah’s father took out a second mortgage on the house and defaulted on the loan. The bank is foreclosing on the home.

Luckily for Hannah she meets Rosie. Rosie is also a new switchboard operator. Her mother has a cottage that just became available. She offers it to the girls.

Lincoln may be handsome but Hannah remembers that he is the enemy.

I loved Hannah. She has lots of spunk. She is a free thinker and the type of woman I would imagine myself to be back in these times if I was living in them. Hannah’s two sisters are just as entertaining. I can not wait to read their stories.

Lincoln is easy on the eyes. I almost felt sorry for the way that Hannah treated him, except that I knew that Lincoln could handle Hannah. Now that I have been introduced to this author, I will be checking out more of her books. When Love Calls you answer it and read a copy of this book!

“Available May 2013 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.”


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