The Time of My Life

Lucy Silchester is receiving notes from someone that she would rather avoid. It is Life. Yes, Life keeps sending Lucy notes. One of the notes says ”Dear Lucy Silchester, you have an appointment for Monday, July 27, 2011. Yours sincerely, Life.“

Lucy avoids meeting with Life until she can not avoid him any longer. Yep, Life is standing at Lucy’s front door.

I never read Ms. Ahern’s popular, P.S. I Love You book that was turned into a movie. I did see the movie and liked it. So I decided to give Ms. Ahern a try with this book. Who would not want to know what “life” has to say to you. I can think of pros and cons to this question.

The pros:

Life could tell me where I am failing at and correct me.

Life would be like my personal fortune teller.

Life and me would get to be better friends.

The cons:

Having Life around all the time telling me things could get annoying.

Sometimes it would be nice to have some mystery.

Who wants Life staring at you all the time.

I really wished that I could have known what type of person “Life” really was in Lucy’s life. Just from the little bit that I did get to know of Life, I think he was a no excuses type of guy. I never got to know him well because Lucy turned me off. What with all of her bad attitude and her constant lies. I tried to get past it but after a while I just couldn’t and had to put this book down.


holdenj said…
Bummer, I really like her books for the most part, have been looking forward to this one too!

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