The Lake House

Victoria Rose left Nagog years ago with dreams of making it big in Hollywood. Fortunately no matter how far you go, you will always have a place to go back to to call home.

Heather Bregman is a columnist. She has traveled all over the world. Her boyfriend is her publicist. After returning from her latest travels, Heather realizes that she wants more out of her life and she would like to go some place quieter. So she packs up and leaves and heads to Nagog.

I thought that this book was a sweet one. It did start out slow for me. Also, I felt somewhat disconnected with Victoria and Heather in the beginning. More Victoria then I did Heather. With Heather I knew what she was about and why she was wanting a new start. Which by the way kudos to her. She needed to get away from her boyfriend.

Victoria it took me a little longer to get attached to. This is because I was trying to learn what she was all about. Why she left and why all her friends were not talking to her.

As I got further into the book, I liked it. The other characters were charming and fun. Although I found them nice, I just could not fully commit to them or the rest of the book. I sadly had to put this book down after a while. I did flip through the book and opened it at a random spot and read a little bit of that section. It seemed like things got better and Victoria and Heather got to be friends. So even though this book may not have won me over you should still check it out for yourself as you just might enjoy it.


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