Changing Lanes

Now Abby does what any woman in her position does…she moves back home with her parents. While back Abby wanders around town trying to pick up the pieces of her life and figure out her next steps.

Mick O’Malley lost his wife a little over two years ago. They got into an argument and she was drunk. Mick lives next door to Abby’s parents. He is working on fixing their roof.

This book sounded like a charming read. I need these types of books every once in a while to break up my routine of reading mysteries. Sadly this book did not jive with me. I got about three chapters in and then put this book down and walked away from it for a long time. I did pick it back up to give it a second chance. As much as I wanted to like this book I just could not get into it or the characters. Abby was a little too boring and complaining too much. Mick did not even come off as the good guy next door. Even when he was trying to push Abby’s buttons it did not come off as fun banter.


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