Aunt Dimity and the Lost Prince receives two crowns. It is a gem

Lori Shepherd hates February. It is so cold and being home bound is not a good thing when you have two young boys. Luckily Bree Pym, a friend stops by. She comes up with a brilliant idea to go to the Skeaping Manor. The manor is a museum. There Lori and Bree meet Daisy Pickering. Daisy’s mother works as a cleaning lady at the museum.

Daisy tells Lori and Bree about Prince Mikhail. The prince is trapped locked away in a dungeon by an evil man. Daisy shows the ladies a stolen artifact from the prince that the evil man took. Before Lori and Bree can ask Daisy anymore questions she and her mother disappear. Now it is up to Lori and Bree to find the lost prince and save him.

Aunt Dimity and the Lost Prince is the first Aunt Dimity book I have read. What a fun, charming, great, entertaining book. After being introduced to this series, I will go back and read more of these books.

Lori and Bree make a good duo. Lori is the more level headed of the two whereas Bree just like her red fiery hair jumps in with two feet full force. All the other people that Lori and Bree were intriguing. They are what helped to make this book so much fun to read. Lori and Bree are like the new Nancy Drew and friend. The ending left a smile on my face. Aunt Dimity and the Lost Prince receives two crowns. It is a gem.


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