Peter Byerly has just lost his wife, Amanda. Still grieving over her death, Peter stops in at Hay-on-Wye bookstore. Peter picks up An Inquiry into the Authenticity of Certain Miscellaneous Papers, As Peter is flipping through the book he finds a picture tucked between some pages. He flips it over only to drop the picture. It is a picture of his wife. Only this picture is about a hundred years old. What is Amanda’s connection to this picture?

I did find this book to be a good one. Nonetheless it was a little hard to navigate with all the jumping around from the different time spans. There was like three time periods. The one where Peter met Amanda, the present, and the past. It was not so hard to get it all straight when the beginning of each chapter told you what time period. It was during the middle of the chapter for example when it would start with Peter and Amanda and then stop and go to the present for about another page or page and a half and then jump back to the past. After a while I found my grove and the jumping around did not distract as much from the story.

I like the mystery surround Shakespeare in this book. It made this book more intriguing and not turn out to be dull and boring. Peter is a likable guy. The way this story all came together was like watching one of Shakespeare’s plays. The Bookman’s Tale is a book that you will want to check out again and again

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This book sounds so intriguing. I've added it to my wish list, and would love to win a copy. Thanks for the giveaway.
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