Secret Storms

I have heard good things about this book so I wanted to check it out. Well I can tell you that all the comments are true. This book is a great one. I loved the two voices of Julie and Kathy. They really made their story come alive with the alternating voices they lent to this book.

I can not imagine what Julie went though while she was an inpatient at Pennsylvania Institute of Philadelphia. However after reading this book and the friends that Julie made while there, I do have a better insight into places like this. Also my perspective of these places has a better outlook. Then having to give up your child.

I am adopted so I could understand and relate with Kathy. Luckily I have really great parents. Also, I have never had the need or want to seek out my birth parents. I am glad to hear that when Kathy found hers that she had a happy ending. Because both Kathy and Julie lent their voices to this book it really made it more personable. I enjoyed looking at the pictures of the family’s earlier life when Julie and her husband were entertaining with the animals.


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