Tuesday’s Gone has me shouting for more!

Maggie is a social worker. She has one last stop to make for the day. She is stopping to check on Michelle Doyce. Michelle answers the door and asks Maggie if she wants to meet someone. Maggie finds this a little odd as Michelle lives alone. When Maggie sees the visitor, she knows instantly that something is wrong. The man is dead. He has been for a while as the flies are buzzing around him and he has started bloating from decomposition.

When police Detective Chief Inspector Karlsson arrives and meets Michelle, he instantly thinks of Frieda. He calls her for assistance. Once they learn the identity of the deceased man, it only brings up more questions. Like who wanted this man dead? Also, a blast from Frieda’s past makes his way back into her life.

I have not read Blue Monday. However I have seen good things about this writing pair. After finishing Tuesday’s Gone, I am going to go back and check out Blue Monday. Not only because of the writing but also because I am intrigued to learn more about Frieda and Dean. I can not wait to read the third book as well to see how this relationship if you can call it that turns out. It is almost like the battle of the wits. Who will win?

I like how Frieda thinks. It is no wonder that the police use her to help with solving cases. Of course though it seems that Frieda is on thin ice with the police department. I like Frieda because she is tenacious, smart, bossy, and a go-getter. There is not much of a love interest relationship featured in this book. Which I was happy for as well. It would not have taken away from the story line in my mind.

The deeper the story got the more twists that were revealed. Tuesday’s Gone has me shouting for more! Nicci Gerrard and Sean French are great as Nicci French.


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