His to Command

Kate is in need of an investor for her company. The last person she ever wanted to see was Matt. She left him several years ago.

When Matt sees Kate again, he knows that he can get some pay back for the lost years he got when Kate left him. However the last thing Matt expected was to fall for Kate again. Will Kate and Matt stay with each other when a secret from their past comes back?

His to Command is a full novel comprised of a six part mini series from author, Opal Carew. I have to say that I thought this book was better. I tried to picture this book as a mini series with the different chapters that I knew made up this series and I thought that as a full length book it just read better. I just could not really picture the series being as strong.

I was however very surprised by how quickly I flew through this book. I started it by the time I put it down to go to bed, I was more then half was done with it. While the theme of this story indicates to the master/slave relationship don’t be fooled as it is sexy just not hard core. Which speaking of the heat level in this book, it was there and I liked it and it is the sort of heat that I have come to expect from Opal however it just did not make me instantly want a tall, glass of water. Still His to Command is a good book. I enjoy reading an Opal Carew book.


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