The Mermaid of Brooklyn

Jenny is a mother to two children. She is married to Harry. Jenny awakes one morning to learn that Harry has not returned home from work. Jenny calls him but gets his voice message. As time passes Jenny realizes that Harry is not returning home. Jenny is left to care for the children alone or so she thinks. Jenny receives some help in the form of a mermaid.

I liked the premise of this book. It sounded like a fun read. Unfortunately it way missed the mark for me. I struggled to get as far as I did with this book. I held on as long as I could but just did not have the will power to read on and finish this book. This is because I found Jenny to be too whinny and she seemed like she did not have a back bone. It was like Jenny could not operate without her husband. Which I could understand the falling apart for a few if your husband left you however when you have little children you just have to pick yourself back up right away and deal the best you can for them. In addition, I never really got to know Harry so I never felt sorry for Jenny that he left her.
Even the mermaid was telling Jenny to act like an adult. Jenny did get her act together but by then I was so turned off by Jenny that I did not care anymore. This book floundered for me.


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