Island 731 is an absolute, must read book.

The crew of the research ship, Magellan is out in the Great Pacific. They are researching the Garbage Patch. While there they come across a huge sea turtle. The turtle is dead. They bring it onto the ship. There they discover that the turtle has a deformity. Only it seems that the deformity was human induced. Before they can fully understand the extent of this discovery, the ship and the crew are washed overboard due to a storm.

They awake to discover to one of the crew members is missing. A search party forms to find the missing crew member. The group gets more then they bargained for when they come upon the inhabitants of the island.
I can officially say that I am a fan of Mr. Robinson! This book by far exceeded my expectations. This is saying something huge too. I knew what to expect from Mr. Robinson having read SecondWorld. Which by the way I also loved. Only this book just became my new favorite of Mr. Robinson.

It was creepy in a sci-fi sort of way but also there was lots of drama to keep me intrigued. Also, all of the characters were great, even the bad guys. I could definitely see this book being made into a movie on the big screen. I could not stop reading this book. The further I got into the book, the more intense it got. I got the imagines of the experiments in my mind. Lets just say that I am glad I never have to worry about meeting any of the experiments. I can not wait to read Mr. Robinson’s next book. Island 731 is an absolute, must read book. I am calling it now and it is one of the best books of 2013!


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