Pauline is throwing a huge spectacular party for her husband, Dwight. She has invited all of his friends for an exotic birthday party in Jamaica. The guests include Tina and her husband Gio. Tina needs this vacation. She has not had a break from her children in a long time. Then there is Allie and her husband, Ryan. Allie is keeping a secret from Ryan. Finally there is Savannah. She arrives alone. This is due to her husband cheating on her. Everyone’s secrets come out when hurricane Betty sweeps in.

I liked the girl friendship relationship between Tina, Allie, and Savannah. However I don’t know if my friendship would be as strong as their’s if it involved infidelity. Also, I did not really feel like they were the best of friends. The way that they treated each other was kind of mean.

In fact, I felt that everyone in this book was self-centered except for Pauline. What Pauline was going through, I felt sorry for her. In addition, that she did seem kind-hearted and everyone just walked all over her.

Also, I could not believe how quickly everyone just changed right away. It was like since they were in another place they did not have to account for anything. Sorry for say but Jamaica is not like Vegas where the saying goes “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” The ending was pretty predictable. Overall though this was not a bad book. It is a quick read.

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