Death, Doom, and Detention is a kaleidoscope of fun!

Lorelei and her friends are back. After barely surviving being hit by a truck and meeting the Archangel of Death, Lorelei would love to enjoy some rest and relaxation. However that is not possible when you have a demon living inside of you. There is just one positive to come out of all of this…Jared. Jared is the Archangel. He came to take Lorelei away but instead rescued her and is now her crush.

Strange things are happening around town. More then usual. To make matters worse, Jared is missing and her grandparents want to send Lorelei away. Lorelei and her friends will have a battle on their hands when they learn that Jared has joined the other side.

Death, Doom, and Detention is the second book in this young adult series, Darklight from author, Darynda Jones. I am enjoying this series. Lorelei and her friends are what make this series so much fun that I want to come back again and again. As this series progresses, I am learning more about Lorelei, her abilities and the demon she has trapped inside of her.

I am really feeling Lorelei and Jared. However I just wished that Jared had been featured more in the book. He was gone for about half of the book. Luckily there was still Brooke, Glitch, and Cameron. I wish that Brooke and Cameron would just hook up already. Of course, Cameron is too cool to just do it the old fashion way. Besides Brooke is clueless. This is what makes things interesting between them. I like Cameron because of his sarcasm. I can not wait to read the third book, Death and the Girl He Loves. Death, Doom, and Detention is a kaleidoscope of fun!


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