Call Me Mrs. Miracle!

Everyone’s favorite miracle…Mrs. Merkle aka Mrs. Miracle is back. This time Mrs. Miracle is helping out at Finley’s Department Store. J.R. Finley and his son, Jake have not celebrated Christmas in twenty one years. After the tragic accident on Christmas Eve, neither one felt like celebrating.

Holly Larson is caring for her nephew, Gabe. Holly’s brother and Gabe’s father, Mickey is in Afghanistan. For Christmas, Gabe has his eyes on the Intellytron robot. It costs two hundred and fifty dollars. Holly knows it will be tough but if she saves up every penny she could get the robot for Gabe. Will Holly’s Christmas wish cone true as well this year?

I both read and watched the Hallmark television movie of Mrs. Miracle. I like many other fans could not get enough of Mrs. Miracle. I was so excited to see Call Me Mrs. Miracle. I didn’t think it was possible to love Mrs. Miracle any more than I already did but I was wrong. She is a great match maker. Gabe was so cute. Holly and Jake made a perfect couple. As an added bonus there are several recipes inserted in this book. Call Me Mrs. Miracle will have you wishing for your own miracle.


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