The Transformation of Things

Jennifer Levenworth is at the hair salon when her life crumbles before her eyes. Jennifer’s husband Judge Will Levenworth has been charged with bribery. Jennifer rushes home to fine Will there. Will tells Jennifer that the charges are not true. He is innocent. Jennifer hopes Will is right because if found guilty, Will could be sentenced to up to twenty five years in prison.

Jennifer starts to crack under all the pressure of Will’s job on the line. Jennifer has a bad headache, only this headache is not your typical migraine. Jennifer has mind changing experiences.

To be honest, I got about half way through this book and finally gave up on it. I found Jennifer to be a bit whiny. She got on my nerves. Though, I did appreciate Jennifer’s husband, Will trying to turn a negative into a positive, instead of him just giving up and letting Jennifer take over. I did find Jennifer’s new “gift” kind of cool but also I would be a little freaked out by it if I was experiencing what Jennifer was. I don’t want to give away Jennifer’s “gift”. So if you want to know what it is than you will just have to check this book out for yourself. Though I would suggest borrowing it from the library versus buying a copy.


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