The Gargoyle Prophecies

Review by Nancy (my good friend)

Stefani realizes early than the only companion she can truly count on is her Raggedy Ann doll. Not saying much, is it? She has seen her mother die, been through foster care, taken every marital arts course available. She lives in an apartment with roommates she never sees, doesn't speak to and works two jobs. She will be 21 in ten days and all she can think of is how to stop this extremely nasty black crap from coming out of her mouth when she throws up - which is often.


Not hardly.

It seems out Stefani might be a gargoyle.


The stony things on top of old buildings and in horror movies. What d'ya know?

Her roomies, Staci and Lisa, drift in and out of her reality. Sometimes they are roomies, sometimes very bad ladies and sometimes, nurses persuading her to talk her pills. We never really know which is correct and, with all gong on in this book we don't have time to figure it out. There are beheadings, beleggings, murders, more vomiting and Stefani finds out that even Raggedy Ann may not be true to fact.

Christopher Payne has done an amazing job keeping all the storylines running in this novel. He winds up and lets fly with some pretty odd ideas but, somehow; it works to the benefit of whoever reads the book. I'm anxiously awaiting part 2."


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