Dining with Joy

Joy is the host of Dining with Joy. She got the gig when her she was working as associate producer on her father’s cooking show, Dining with Charles. When her father passed away the show became Dining with Joy. Dining with Joy has started to become wildly popular. The network TruReality has picked up the show for another season. There is just one problem…Joy can’t cook!

Chef Luke Redmond was the owner of a Manhattan restaurant. That all changed when he had to file bankruptcy. Luke receives an opportunity to still be in the cooking business but on a slightly different scale. Luke is the new co-host of Dining with Joy.

Wenda Devine is the host of the show Cook-Off and Joy’s rival. Her main goal is to destroy Joy. Will Wenda win?

Rachel Hauck is a new to me author. I like the concept of this book. I could not wait to check out Dining with Joy as I love the Food Network Channel. Joy was a simple down to earth woman. It seemed like Joy did not care too much for the spotlight. This surprised me a bit as Joy hosts her own cooking show. Despite Joy and Luke sharing a kiss early in the story, I wasn’t feeling the chemistry right away between them. Once I got to know Joy and Luke better, I thought they made a good couple. The romance was sweet. There was a few times where I felt the story moved slowly but overall, I liked this book. I would dine again with Rachel Hauck.


Mystica said…
Thanks for this review. I like food so this should be up my street.

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