The Killing Storm is a riveting, nail-biting, edge of your seat read!

A huge hurricane named Juanita is brewing. It is making its way to Houston .

Four year old, Joey was playing at the park with his mother, Crystal. A man walks up to Joey and asks him to help find his lost puppy. Joey goes with the man.

Joey’s mother reacts oddly. So what is Crystal hiding and did she have something to do with Joey’s disappearance. Joey’s father would not put it past Crystal to harm Joey if she saw a way to get lots of money quick. Joey’s father is not innocent either.

Texas Ranger and murder profiler, Sarah Armstrong is called out to Josh Braun’s ranch. Someone has slaughtered one of his bulls. This case is different then just someone killing an animal. The animal has a weird symbol carved into its body. Soon, Sarah receives more reports of more dead cattle with symbols found on their bodies.

Sarah must piece together both cases and what their connections are to each other before it is too late.

The Killing Storm is the third Sarah Armstrong novel. I really liked Sarah. She is tough and good at her job. She is not afraid to get her hands dirty, which is what a Texas Ranger should be like. The twists and turns through out this book, kept me guessing until the end. The killer in this story made his presence known. This was a good thing as sometimes the killer plays a secondary role.

The Killing Storm is a riveting, nail-biting, edge of your seat read! I am a huge mystery fan but I have to admit that I have never read anything by Kathryn Casey until now. Now that I have found this author, you can bet that I will be checking out more of her books.


Anonymous said…
This one sounds great with the killer storm and the killer on the loose! I like suspenceful page turners.
Great review!

Carol Wong

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