Dating Mr. December = Lifetime Movie

Public Relations consultant, Emma Tremayne lost her job. She now finds herself in the middle of nowhere Ville, Lake District trying to convince the men of Bannerdale Mountain Rescue Team to pose nude for a twelve month calendar spread. It is for a good cause. The Bannerdale Mountain Rescue Team could really use the money. Their building is in need of a paint job among other things. There is just one big obstacle standing between Emma and her goal…his name is Will Tennant.

Will sees Emma as one feisty woman. Will knows there must be another way to raise money then a calendar but no one is coming up with any other ideas. Will gives in though he is hoping he will not regret his decision.

Dating Mr. December is a cute, fun, silly read. I must admit that this book was slow to me. It took a while to gain momentum and it never seemed to really gain full speed. At first I was turned off by Will. He was grouchy and did not seem to be much of a people person. Emma definitely seemed out of place in Lake District. She had a lot to prove and I thought she did prove herself in the end. The romance between Will and Emma was sweet. Dating Mr. December may not be on the top of my Christmas list but I would be willing to give Phillipa Ashley another try in the future.


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