Bite Me: A Love Story

The city of San Francisco better beware as there is a killer vampyre cat named Chet on the loose…need I say more?

Jody and Tommy make a good couple. Unfortunately like any couple they have had a bit of a falling out. Tommy has taken off into the city. Jody is trying to locate him. Abby is being Abby. Since Jody and Tommy are otherwise occupied, it is up to Abby to save the city from a killer vampire cat, who’s cite is worse than his meow.

Bite Me: A Love Story is the third vampire love story by author, Christopher Moore. This book also happens to be the first book I have read by him. I have heard good things about Mr. Moore. Now, I am luckily to report that all those things are true. Mr. Moore is hilarious and he is full of surprises. As you are reading, you will think he can’t say or do that can he but he does.

I have to say that my favorite parts were the scenes that involved Abby. The things that would come out of her mouth were priceless. I especially enjoyed the dialect of Abby’s. The speech would be like…”So I’m all”, “Jared is all”, “So I’m like”, “And she’s all”. There wasn’t a lot of mushy romance going on in this book as Tommy and Jody were separated from each other.

Warning to all those readers who have virgin ears and eyes as you may be offended by the language in this book. If on the other hand your second language besides; English is Sarcasm then you will be rolling on the floor laughing your butt off. Bite Me: A Love Story is my favorite comedic vampire story. In fact I already plan to pick up the first two books in this series.


The Bookworm said…
a comedic romantic vamp story? sounds like a good one!

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