Never Look Away

David Harwood, his wife, Jan and their son, Ethan were having a fun family day out at the amusement park. This is when David’s nightmare begins. First his son goes missing. Luckily, he is found safe and sound. Then Jan disappears and this is when David’s life as he knew is gets turned upside down.

The cops believe that David did something with his wife and have pinned him as the number one suspect. It is not had to believe when there are many witnesses who supposedly put David with Jan right before she disappeared. David knows he is innocent. He takes matters into his own hands and does some investigating of his own. David uncovers some very dark and sinister things involving his wife.

Detective Barry Duckworth is familiar with David’s type. The spouse always says they are innocent. Detective Duckworth is on right behind David every step of the way.

After finishing this book, I can happily say that I will Never Look Away when a Linwood Barclay novel is released. Every book that I have read by Mr. Barclay has been a winner thus far. This book started out with a bang and ended with a big bang. David made you cheer for the good guys. This book pulled me in. The many twists and turns were great. Detective Duckworth tried to be the bad cop but he came off more as the good cop. My only complaint is that this book ended. Now I have to wait for the next one.


Mystica said…
You make this sound so very good that it has to go on a TBR pile

Marce said…
L. Barclay was a new author to me last year, I look forward to reading all of them, this sounds like a winner.
The Bookworm said…
wow, sounds great! i'm reading a crime thriller now myself.
Cheryl said…
Mystica- You will enjoy this book.

MarceJ - You can't go wrong with L. Barclay. I also want to read all his books.

Naida- You will like this book

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