Dare to Surrender

Joy Montgomery works as an art gallery curator. She needs to bring in a really hot up and coming artist or she can kiss her job goodbye. Joy has just the artist in mind. His name is Ash Hunter. Ash does not paint pictures of fruit, but more like pictures and sculptures of bondage and erotic poses. There is just one problem…Ash has quit painting. That is until he meets Joy. Ash tells Joy that he will think about allowing her to show his art if she agrees to pose for him.

Joy’s friend, Erica has found the perfect man. His name is Blaine. Now if only he wasn’t a preppy.

Dare to Surrender is the second book I have read by this author. Just like Bound to Please, I savored every moment of this book with pure delight. Joy and Ash just ooze sex appeal. They could melt chocolate without even trying. I was happy to see Ruby Scott from Bound to Please makes a brief appearance in this book. The way this book ended leads me to believe that we will be seeing more of Erica and Blaine in the next book. This makes me excited as they bring the sexy back in the kitchen. I promise to surrender for more Lilli Feisty!


Kaye said…
Characters that can melt chocolate. Holy Moly, they sound HOT! I'm glad you're enjoying the book so much.

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