Beware The Cold Room

Homicide Detective Taylor Jackson is back.

Taylor has her hands full with the latest case…a serial killer, who kidnaps women and leaves their dehydrated bodies for the authorities to find. When Taylor’s boyfriend and FBI profiler, Dr. John Baldwin helps on the case, he realizes that Taylor has no ordinary serial killer on her hands. Jack has seen this type of work before on a previous case he worked on. The killer was known as “The Conductor”.

Jack calls in some reinforcements in the form of New Scotland Yard Detective James “Memphis” Highsmythe. The reason for the extra assistance is that The Conductor is an international serial killer. He has committed murders on both foreign and US soil. Can The Conductor be stopped?

The Cold Room is the fourth and latest novel from J. T. Ellison. I first discovered Mrs. Ellison when I read the second book, 14. That was all it took for me to become hooked on J.T. Ellison and Homicide Detective Taylor Jackson. I am happy to report that I have not been disappointed yet and hopefully never will be. The killer in this story had a sinister side to him. After reading The Cold Room and experiencing how the women died in this book, I have decided that I would rather die peacefully in my bed or if I was kidnapped…to die a fast death. No slowly dying in a glass coffin for me, thanks. Taylor and Baldwin’s relationship keeps slowly progressing with each book. Beware as The Cold Room just might give you slivers. I already plan on picking up a copy of The Immortals, the next book in this series.


The Bookworm said…
This sounds great, I read All the Pretty Girls are enjoyed it.
Becky said…
Yay!! Now I have another book to read. I have just finished "They Never Die Quietly" by D. M. Annechino. Now that I am finished and desperately need something thrilling and entertaining to read. Thank you for suggesting "Beware The Cold Room."

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