You Better Think Twice

Bennie Rosato and her twin sister, Alice are like day and night. Bennie is nice, dresses sensible and could benefit from being a little more assertive. On the other hand, Alice is loud and very conniving.

Bennie and Alice were having dinner; suddenly Bennie becomes ill and blacks out. She awakes to find that Alice has buried her alive. Now Alice has stolen Bennie’s identity and her boyfriend. Bennie didn’t realize till she was lying in the ground how much of a fighting spirit she had in her. Alice better watch herself as Bennie wants her life back. It will be the battle of the twins…good vs. evil.

I don’t know what author Lisa Scottoline dreams about but Think Twice is one twisted, adrenaline rush read! Ms. Scottoline has not done me wrong yet. Every book of her’s that I have read I have enjoyed. This latest one is no exception. I liked that Bennie didn’t give up even when the odds seemed stacked against her. I almost felt bad for Alice, when she became the target of Bennie’s revenge. I really got into this book. I can guarantee you that you do not need to Think Twice about picking up this book and reading it. What ever the next book is you bet I will be checking it out.


Becky LeJeune said…
I definitely enjoy Scottoline's work. I got on a big kick a few years back and now I still have a stack that I need to get to. Adding one more to the pile!
Lisa Scottoline said…
Wow! Cheryl, Thanks so much for this awesome review! I'm so glad you liked THINK TWICW, and I'm only twisted after about 383 drafts. Otherwise, I'm a cupcake! Love, L xoxoxox
Lisa Scottoline said…
I mean THINK TWICE. I am the WORST typist... xoxoxoxoxox
misskallie2000 said…
I like Lisa's books. Definitely want to read this one. My stack of books is getting very tall. LOL

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