Ty Hauck is a private security investigator. Ty was flipping through television channels when he came upon a heard line breaking story…a family was killed in their home, in what authorities are reporting seems to be a break-in gone terribly wrong. Ty is shocked not for the heinous crime but because he knew the wife. She was an old, dear friend.

Marc Glassman worked in Wall Street. He was a good family man. So why was his family killed? That is the million dollar question. Ty gets involved. As Ty starts investigating the killing of the Glassman family he realized that their death is all part of a huge international conspiracy. This is where Naomi Blum, an agent for the United States Department of Treasury step in to help on the case.

Reckless is the fourth book by author, Andrew Gross. Just like his first book. I still can’t get enough of Mr. Gross. This story had a lot of strong characters who could pull off a strong storyline. Ty had a wide range of emotions. Naomi and Ty worked well as a team. They bounced off each other. I read how Mr. Gross came up with the concept for this book and found it interesting, scary and sad, all at the same time. This is because the murder if the Glassman family was taken from actual events. This book will take readers on a fast-paced journey of intrigue, suspense, and every where from New York to Europe. So sit back relax and enjoy. This book will leave you Reckless for more Andrew Gross!


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