Black Shell comes from the Chickasaw tribe. He is a trader. While out walking Black Shell comes upon a beautiful woman by the name of Pearl Hand. Pearl Hand is promised to another but Black Shell convinces Pearl Hand to leave him and become his mate.

Black Shell has never known anything but peace. When the white men or “Kristianos” arrive, Black Shell becomes intrigued by them. He figures that they can learn a lot from each other. Unfortunately, Black Shell quickly discovers that the Kristianos want nothing more than to rid the land of the Indians.

Coming of the Storm is the first book I have read in a long time by this husband and wife duo of W. Michael Gear and Kathleen O’Neal Gear. After reading this book, I am now wondering why I took so long to read another book by either of these authors. Mr. and Mrs. Gear are some prolific writers. They really brought to life the story of Black Shell and Pearl Hand and the struggles they faced to bring the different tribes together. I used to have only one favorite author who I really enjoyed reading her books about Indians and that was Madeline Baker. I now have a few author favorite authors to add to the list. Thanks to Coming of the Storm. Clear some time out of your busy life and be prepared to get lost in a really good book.


Anonymous said…
I've been waiting to see what people think of this one. Thanks for the review. I'll have to keep an eye out for it.

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