Please, Hush

Lake Warren is a marketing consultant. Her current client is an infertility clinic. Lake is currently going through a nasty divorce. Her ex-husband wants full custody of the children in order to try and get Lake to claim less in the settlement.

Lake goes home with one of the doctors at the infertility clinic and wakes to find him murdered in bed. Instead of calling the police, Lake leaves the house and pretends she was never there. This was Lake’s biggest mistake. The killer has targeted Lake. If Lake goes to the authorities now, they will know she was in the house that night. Can Lake stop a killer before she ends up at the bottom of the lake?

This is the first book I have read by Kate white which is amazing to me as I really enjoy this genre of books. I really liked this book but there was one fault I had with it. The main character, Lake Warren kind of got on my nerves with her less than fighting attitude. Yes, towards the end, Lake became more assertive but by than it was a little too late for me. While there weren’t many twists, they were appropriately placed in the plot. This book moved at a fast pace, which I really enjoyed. The identity of the killer was a bit of a surprise. This is because of the things that happened to Kate, which I couldn’t imaging that type of person could do those things. I do have to say that I won’t stay “Hush” about this book.


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