There is No Mercy

Mercy Gunderson has returned home to her family’s ranch in South Dakota. She receives quite the welcome home when a dead body is found on the ranch. The body is a relative. It seems no one really has an interest or they aren’t speaking up about the body. It is up to Mercy to find out why there is a dead body on her ranch. It is going to be a shoot um up time.

No Mercy is book one in a new series by author, Lori Armstrong. This is the first book I have read by this author. I liked Mercy. She had a take charge attitude and was deadly as well as dangerous with a gun. She is like a modern day wild, west sheriff trying to take down the bad guys. Though I liked this story, I wished that I felt more of a connection with the rest of the characters. This would have helped me have more of an interest in why Mercy was fighting for justice and doing the things she was doing. Overall, I still thought this was a pretty good book and I would check out more books by this author.


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