She is Young Bess

You have read the stories about Queen Anne and King Henry but what about Princess Elizabeth? In Young Bess, the first book in the Elizabeth I trilogy, readers learn about Elizabeth “Bess” and her life after her mother’s death. Bess does not have much love for he father, the King. In fact you could say she will not be heart broken when he dies. Bess strikes up a romantic interlude with her step-mother, Catherine Parr’s husband, Tom Seymour. She and Tom are playing a dangerous game. Though, who is really playing whom?

I liked this book. I have to admit that I don’t know much about the Tudor era but I find books about this time period fascinating. This was a nice change from all the other books that are currently out about Queen Anne and Kind Henry VII. This book focused on Princess Elizabeth. In Young Bess, Elizabeth is really conniving and vindictive. Bess and Tom’s relationship I felt was more of a love/hate relationship than the real deal. She almost made her father, King Henry VII look good. Young Bess is a check out read for fans of the Tudors. I can’t wait to continue this exciting journey with author, Margaret Irwin.


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