Crown of Vengeance + Giveaway

For Janus Roland, Erika Laesig, Mershad Shahab, Logan, Ryan, Derek, Lee Chan and several others, there lives will never be the same. Everyone was attending to their every day lives and going about their business when a mysterious mist rolls in. When the mist clears, everyone finds that they had been transported to a strange new land. There they will meet dangerous enemies as well as make some new friends.

Crown of Vengeance is book one in the Fires in Eden. A new series by author Stephen Zimmer. This book started out a little slow for me but it quickly progressed into an exciting and fantastic reading adventure. I wasn’t really interested in every move that the characters made at the beginning. What I liked the most was when the story would switch there would be a break with the name of the character whose turn it was. This I found nice as there were so many different characters, I was afraid that I would become lost and by doing it this way, I did not become lost but was able to focus on what was happening at that moment and got to know the characters better.

The illustrations that Matthew Perry did were wonderful. Mr. Perry is very talented. He helped bring the story to life. For me to say so many great things about a fantasy book is an accomplishment as these types of books used to be towards the bottom on my list that I was willing to read. This book with the help of Mr. Zimmer has restored my faith that fantasy makes for some thrilling reading.

To enter. Must be a follower. This contest is open to everyone, including international readers. You will not only be winning a copy of this book but as well as some other cool prizes.

To increase you chances of winning, you can do the following:

1 entra entry (give me other suggestions of books in this genre to check out)

2 extra entries (Blog about this contest and leave a link to your post) You can twitter about this or facebook. Options are endless.

Contest ends March 11th (My Birthday).


Mystica said…
Please count me in - I would love to be entered for this

FlyFreeMyBooks said…
Sounds interesting. Please enter me.
ludeluh at yahoo dot com
Bryce L. said…
Possibly similar: The Crown Conspiracy by Michael Sullivan or something I've been reading lately, The Way of Shadows by Brent Weeks

Tweeted this:

Thanks for a great giveaway!

Anonymous said…
I would love to be entered.

Possibly similar books that are fantasy and switch back and forth between characters is the Codex of Alera series by Jim Butcher.

I blogged about this contest in my LJ:

CherylS22 said…
I follow in GFC - please count me in.
CherylS22 said…
A classic example of books in this genre is the Chronicles of Narnia by CS Lewis.
jemscout425 said…
i can't even think of a book that's similar to this
D Q said…
I would love to be entered. Sounds like a great book.
Heidi V said…
This sounds interesting thanks for the chance!

heidivargas [at] live dot com
Heidi V said…
Blogged about the giveaway @

heidivargas [at] live dot com
ninefly said…
please sign me up for this =)
+2 tweeted
+2 sidebar
+1 suggest: Crown Conspiracy I heard is pretty good epic fantasy, it got sold out due to popular demand during its first press

Cherry said…
I'm an old follower.

Check out the Codex Alera by Jim Butcher. Masterpiece!

Re-posted your contest at:

mischivusfairy-warrior [at] yahoo [dot] com
Charlotte said…
Please, enter me in this give away.
Thank you
EVA SB said…
This sounds like a great book. Please count me in.

I tweeted[@]gmail[.]com
Nickolay said…
What a awesome sounding book! I would really like to read this. Thanks for the chance

Nickolay said…

justpeachy36 said…

Please enter me in the giveaway.

Try Jim Butcher, the epitome of Urban Fantasy.
Sounds like a great book!

artsyrockerchick at aim dot com
bookaholic said…
Nice review.The book seems interesting. Please enter me.

+1 The Chronicles of Narnia is of the same genre.
+2 Posted on Facebook:

Thank you so much for the giveaway!
booklover0226 said…
This sounds interesting. I would like to read it.

Tracey D
booklover0226 at gmail dot com
bison61 said…
I follow please sign me up

tiramisu392 (at)
Cheryl B said…
I follow your blog. Please enter me!
Marianna said…
I follow on google friend connect. Thanks for the chance!
mannasweeps (at) gmail DOT com
Marjorie/cenya2 said…
A great giveaway, please count me in.

I follow by google reader.

cenya2 at hotmail dot com
Spav said…
Count me in, please.

Similar books: His Dark Materials trilogy by Philip Pullman


Wendy said…
sounds good @kikicomp

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