Book Review: The Sacrifice of Constellatia


Every ten years, twelve people were sacrificed to the Idols, twelve people who had power coursing through their veins.Every ten years, that is… until Emira was found. 

Seventeen-year-old Emira Solus had grown up her entire life believing she would become a Priestess of Night and Magic, like the priestesses who raised her. Despite having the eyes of an Idol, she believed she wasn’t destined for greatness, like the other warriors in Constellatia, as she didn’t possess ichor in her blood. It isn’t until she meets a boy named Mateo, a boy with the eye of an Idol, does her world get turned completely upside down. He’s a sacrifice, a sacrifice for the Tenth Year ritual. And he rejects his fate, a fate Emira so desperately wants herself.

But, Mateo is the first person she had ever met who doesn’t believe what the rest of Constellatia believes. He knows the truth about the Tenth Year ritual, and he can’t let Emira have the same fate as him. A fate he suspects they share.

But, Emira isn’t a revolutionary. She believes in the Idols.

My Review

Romantasy books are where it is at. If you are a big fantasy fan that also likes mythical books, then you definitely need to pick up a copy of this book to read! The world building that Bianca created for this book is rich in detail as are the characters. They are all engaging. This book is one that will appeal to all age groups of readers. 

There was an instant connection shared with Mateo. He is the unsung hero. He was quiet in the beginning that you almost would not have noticed him if you walked by him but as the story progressed, he became stronger. I love that he was willing to go against the rules to fight to protect Emira.

The touch of romance between Mateo and Emira was nice. It did not distract from the overall story and was just the right amount of romance. I look forward to reading the next book in this series. 


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