Book Review: My Little Girl

 A random text from an unknown number.

We've all been there, all gotten one. But what happens when that text is from a hitman sending confirmation of a job completed? And what if your anxiety-riddled brain takes a backseat and you find yourself responding to said text letting him know it's the wrong number? Sounds like a recipe for disaster, but for Killian and Avamarie, is it the beginning of their love story? Can she convince him not to kill her to cover his tracks? Can he get past his desire for her to finish what he knows needs to be done? This is a wrong place, wrong time unconventional love story full of murder, mayhem, and morally questionable characters.

*Please note that in addition to sexual content and dark romance themes, there are also very sensitive topics in this story including mental health and abortion. Please check triggers before proceeding as this is an emotionally devastating journey that ends in a HEA for the characters but not before they go through some very tough situations.

My Review

I devoured this book so fast. After reading this author's first book, Bleed for Me and loving it, I could not wait to read this book. Kitty did not disappoint me. I loved every moment of this one. 

Killian may be a killer, but he worships Avamarie like his queen. I love tall, dark, and brooding men but the fact that Killian has wisps of gray hair, this is a major turn on. I did not realize just how much I loved a silver fox until the mention of his gray hair. 

Avamarie may have started out as a victim, but she did not end the story as one. She found herself with Killian. So many hot moments shared between them. I could not get enough. If you have not read anything by Kitty Rose, now is the perfect time to do so. 


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