Book Review: The House of Whispers


A notorious murderer haunting the streets of Bedeville stumbles upon a mysterious woman, becoming obsessed as he spends his nights endlessly toying with her and turning her world into a living nightmare.

This dark and twisted retelling of Jack the Ripper mixed with Jekyll and Hyde takes place in a fantasy world filled with magic, mischief, and murder.

TRIGGER WARNING: This book contains dark romance, drugs, addiction, mental disorder, explicit language, detailed sexual scenes, gore, blood, death, mention of sexual assault, and attempted suicide.

My Review

I was drawn to this book by the premise...Jack the Ripper and Jekyll and Hyde. Yes, sign me up! This is my type of book. Instantly, I was drawn into the storyline as well as the characters. It was like I had traveled to this time period and could see everyone so vividly. 

Right away I was hooked. I literally could not stop reading. The concept of the story and the characters. I need more. The main characters are Jakkal, Casper, who is a hexer, her best friend, Min and her beau, Nathier, a detective, and Mademe Chepi and Chesmu.

When it came to both men, Chesmu and Jakkal, I honestly could not choose between them. I loved them both for different reasons. Chesmu for his fierce love of Casper and Jakkal because he is the guy that your mother warned you about, but you can't resist. 

This book is a must, not to be missed read! It is a 10 star read. 

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