Book Review: Over Home


Over Home is the story of Lucindy, a young woman from rural Kentucky who rises from the abyss of childhood abuse to find true love, living her dream of owning a bed-and-breakfast on North Carolina's Outer Banks. Although she is burdened with the emotional baggage of her youth, she finds one special man who helps her carry it, allowing her to fly with her own wings.

My Review

Let me start off by saying that there is a lot of turmoil that Lucindy and Matt endure. I was kind of worn out by everything that they went through. It felt like a battle but in the end, they came out stronger and got their HEA. 

From the beginning, I felt for Lucindy. What she and her sister had to endure from their drunk father. It is something that no child should have to ever deal with. Lucindy lost her innocence and childhood. Yet, I am glad when her husband tried to get away with something that she stood her ground and called him out for it. 

Matt sure went through the ringer with his marriage as well. Not going to say he was a saint but he definitely was better. I am glad that these two found each other as they really showed that love the second time around is sweeter. 


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