Book Review: Corrupting Cupid



Being back in the small town of Coal's Lake was the last thing I wanted. My plan was simple, run my grandfather's bar long enough to pay off it's debts, then sell it and head back to London.

It was a good plan. Until he walked through the door. Tall, dark and extremely odd. Making a deal to teach the adonis how to please a woman leaves me weak at the knees. He's hiding secrets will tear us apart.


After eons in Olympus, I'm over it. My fascination with the mortals has reached an all time high and I strike a bargain to hang up my arrows and become human for a vacation.

Bumping in to the angry woman who runs the bar leaves me reeling. My obsession with her leads to her teaching me the art of pleasure, little does she know that there's only on woman for me. Our time together is limited, but she doesn't know the real reason why; despite my inexperience, I'm the god of passion.

My Review

I enjoyed this novella. It is a very quick read. Cupid can visit me anytime, especially if he looks like Amor. Although, it is humorous that Amor has to be "taught" lessons in being intimate with the opposite gender. Not that Eva is complaining. 

Eva needed a new man in her life. That is where Amor comes in. He wanted to experience love for the first time. Yet, he never really expected to find it. Amor definitely won Eva's heart. There are some sweet but also spicy moments. This novella is one to read for the Valentine holiday reading season. 

Fourteen Shades of Red: Day 10

Corrupting Cupid is a spicy valentines romance. It is part of the Fourteen Shades of Red limited edition Valentine’s Day romance collection, including stories by:

Maia Terry

Bella Leigh Michaels

Eliza Anne

Dani Elias

Amanda Bentley

Elliot Ason

Luna Knight

Kelsey Woods

K.M. Gillis

Effie Campbell

Valerie Pepper

J.L. Quick

Irene Bahrd

and Lexi Gray


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