Book Review: Enter the Multi-Vers

🌌 It’s time to unleash your inner chaotic alien 👽‍because Enter the Multi-Vers - book 4* in C. Rochelle’s Villainous Things superhero x villain MM(+) romances - has landed! 

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-̷-̷-̷ Gabriel -̷-̷-̷

Theo Coatl was supposed to be just a job.

On paper, my twin and I are recent grads moving into the eccentric artist’s mansion for a once-in-a-lifetime internship opportunity.

In reality, Dre and I are spies for our clan—a pair of supes known as Shock and Awe who could melt our enemy’s brain as easily as we could extract the intel we were after.

Whatever works.

But our mark isn’t the only one keeping secrets, and Theo’s proximity is… doing things to me. This man could fulfill every dark desire I’ve buried beneath the surface. Things even my twin doesn’t know I crave.

Too bad exploring my fantasies isn’t part of the plan.

-̷-̷-̷ Andre -̷-̷-̷

Gabe and I may have been sent to this hideous McMansion on a mission, but the instant Theo Coatl sashayed into view, our plans changed.

At least, mine did.

Wolfy’s original instructions were clear—get in Theo’s head, get the intel, and get out. But I took our eldest brother’s words as more of a suggestion than anything.

And my idea is better.

Because I see the way Theo looks at my twin—like he wants to eat him alive. Never mind that the man is a potentially deadly being of unknown origins, or that I want to discipline him so badly I can taste it.

Gabe is the bait.

Theo is our prey.

And if I get to play with the brat before we end him, well, what could be the harm in that?

-̷-̷-̷ Theo -̷-̷-̷

It had been so long since I’d enjoyed a proper hunt, I was nearly giddy with excitement.

And what delightful prey I’ve found!

The twins are perfect. Broody angel Gabriel is pretending to resist my advances, while practically begging me to take what I want. And Andre is playing his cards close with absolute control—which only encourages me to defy him more.

As there’s nothing I love more than misbehaving.

I do have an agenda here on earth, however—one my interns can legitimately assist me with.

So, while I can’t wait to make a pretty pair of puppets out of these unsuspecting humans, I’ve decided to at least try to lure them in slowly. Really savor the experience.

Since it will be the d̷e̷a̷t̷h̷ of them in the end.

My Review

Now this is how comic stories should be like. Besides all the action and mayhem, there is the story of Gabriel, Dre, and Theo. Admit it as all of us romance readers have all fantasized about the enemy. I would let Theo touch me with his tendrils any day. When he could use them to wrap around Gabriel or Dre's necks or other, yes please! There were times when I thought Gabriel and Theo were great together but then Dre and Theo were good as well. Then you mix them all together and get some extra spicy morsels. Lastly, there are the bombshell reveals about the various superheroes that you won't want to miss.

Author Bio:

C. Rochelle here! I’m a naughty but sweet, introverted, Aquarius weirdo who believes a sharp sense of humor is the sexiest trait, loves shaking my booty to Prince, and have never met a cheese I didn’t like. Oh, and I write spicy Paranormal/Sci-Fi/Monster Why Choose + MM, MFF & MMF romance with dark, naughty humor and a #loveislove mentality.

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