Book Review: Creep: A Taboo Rockstar Romance


Twins Killian and Rogue Carter are searching for a new lead singer to front their band, deciding upon a female for a change of sound and added protection. Built within her contract for reasons unbeknownst to her is a relationship agreement to help hide the twins' secret love for each other. Charlotte Mitchell, a petite and eager-for-fame guitar player, is quickly whisked away to spend a secluded week with them both at their grandfather's sprawling estate, complete with a country club and large golf course located just below it. Secrets are revealed over the next seven days that set their future into motion. Will the pressure from the twins' grandfather cause the contract to go up in flames? Or will the trauma that's finally being resolved help seal the deal for three of them, in business and beyond?

My Review

Twin brothers, Killian and Rogue have a relationship with each other. It is taboo. However, add to the mix Charlotte and you get a very, hot, troupe. I really liked the addition of Charlotte. It seemed let the brothers become freer with their desires. 

While, what Killian and Rogue shared maybe taboo, there was nothing that felt wrong about their relationship. They were both willing and loved each other. Charlotte was a bit timid at first but as the story progressed and she spied the brothers together, she opened up. 

Once she did that is when the heat level really turned up. I loved every moment that these threee shared together. I need more. 


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